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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 3, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that's it for us. "the five." thank you for watching. see you welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in norway, the mother of three delightful children. let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the night is dark and full of terrors, america. our top story tonight, mexico's president thinks the health care system should be like his country's. the shocking story that will make you lol. and mitt romney gets pranked by his staff. our allstar pam will investigate how his -- our allstar panel will investigate. and keith olberman is fired. don't wore ree. are you not watching a rerun from last year. >> thank you, andy, or should i say mr. tousenburg.
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>> i don't know what that means. >> i happened to come across a painting at the legion of honor in san francisco. seems to me that he looks an awful lot like you. >> i was hoping that would never go public, greg. >> well, here it is. >> yes, indeed. >> have i to say he has some impressive side burns. >> thank you very much. >> and tattoo. >> look, what i do on my weekends is not your business. >> is he wearing a shawl? >> it is not a shawl. >> it looks like a shawl. >> let's move on. bye, baron. she is so hot she can cook a 10-pound turkey. she has so many vowels this her name and she is the host of the poker after dark. that's about playing cards. and he was stuffed in sock -- socratese and he is the author of the great book, the politically incorrect guide to
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socialism. and he has been having a bad hair day for 36 years. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a pogo sick i would bounce up and down on him until i got tired. and his dying wish is to get wrapped around fish. good to see you, pinch. >> a nice, tuna would be nice. the paper would like to take this moment to apologize in the break down of our editorial opposites. it resulted in the following misleading sunday headline. check out your delta sky miles on-line, or. jeer yen -- or nigerians donate together new york times and how to get 10 free viagra pills. those m and m looking things were so not viagra. and pinch out. >> there you go. should we look to the border to get our system in order? well, on monday, a day of the week, the mexican president of the united states should copy their flare for health care. and if the supreme court happens to nix obama's
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overhaul felipe calderon, if that is his real name, suggests we follow his example with a press conference with the leaders of the united states, mexico and something called canada. obama said he is confident his health care law would be upheld. here is calderon. >> after having built more than 1,000 new clinics in the country, we are getting close to reaching universal coverage of health care. full, free health care coverage for all people up to 18 years of age including cancer coverage. i would say that i would hope that one of the greatest economies in the world such as the united states could follow our example in achieving this because it was a great thing. >> he really is mexico's kevin
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spacey. he failed to mention the u.s. is still exceptional when it comes to scaredy cat youtube videos. >> no, no, no. that is not good. i don't know what they were doing. that was adorable, but i don't want to know what made that so adorable. that's upsetting to me. look at that. >> no! it is too much. too much cute. >> if that was a blow dryer and it was on high i am coming to get those people. >> i don't even -- that pretty much ruined the story for me and the evening. i will go to you, dan, because you are closest to me. if mexico is so great, they have the best health care in the world and how come everybody is lining up to get in here rather than in there? >> it runs out at 18. >> that's a good point.
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>> free clinic when i am 19 when i have adult problems like my organs start hurting. >> that's true. you have no problems when you are 18 really. >> no. i didn't start drinking until 20. now i need a doctor. >> that is true. that is true. >> young and spry. >> kevin, here is a fact, what possesses a leader from another country, a country that's a mess, let's face it, would come to the united states and educate us and tell us that we should be copying what they do? >> i take one issue with one thing you said. it is okay if the system runs out at 18. it is basically the life expectancy. >> you can get shot there. >> spending a lot of time in mexico in a country we treat like a nightclub rchtion you pay a cover and go in at night and drink, but the mexicans never seemed notably healthy to me. i am not sure they have the best system. if we copied them, what we would do is deport our uninsured people to canada.
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they send the poorest people in the country north and let them take care of them. one in 11 people born in mexico resides in the united states. that's not a good indicator for the heltd of your country. >> that's true. and i believe the best people are the people that come here. you have to risk a lot. i mean, i would never go anywhere. i don't care what terrible place i would be in, i would just sit in my cave because i am a lazy, sad person. the people who come here from mexico are generally fairly -- they want a better life. they are trying to make money for their family. mexico is losing out by losing probably their toughest people. but that is another story for another time. frankly i forgot what i was going to ask you. what is your take on this story? >> well, obviously i think there is an issue here when you have the president of mexico who has so many other problems like drug cartels and beheadings and all of their border states and around the country talking about health care and that we should do better and follow their motto.
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when people talk about universal health care we talk about canada and we talk about places like england and europe. >> which also sucks. >> well, i never had one person say gosh, we should be like mexico. all of those people are trying to come here. why would millions try to come here? >> they always say the waiting time in england now is like 16 weeks or something like that. >> in canada it takes a year to get an mri, even if you have a serious health issue, one year. >> there is a secret to shortsenning the time and it is dying. >> dying or just coming to america and paying for it. >> i love that mexico is criticizing us and it is like having a friend that is a drug addict. i keep my apartment clean. your house is filthy. >> that was a great transition to asking bill a question. bill, you get your hormone injections in mexico. you are our medical expert here. they do something right there. >> they do a couple things right. when it comes to mexico's as
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far as tourism and medical things, body modification. for doctors that refuse to do it in america it is killing it. if you want enormous boobs that doctors in america won't do, go to mexico. if you want a horn, go to mexico. if you want wings go to mexico. if you want wings that work go to canada. if are you going to do it, be a man peg success. don't be a cupid. >> they fell off and it was disgusting. they fell off at an awkward time. it was a first date. i want to roll another piece of the press conference. a couple days ago we had gavin mcguinness on and we were talking about the debate, and we were talking about bilingualism and why it is bad to be bilingual as a country. he raised an important point that prime minister steven harper raises. shall we? >> canada places the highest value on the friendship and partnership among our three countries.
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we form one of the largest free trade zones that has been of great benefit to all of our nations. we are also effective collaborators in the g-20 and responding to the global recession and instability of these past few years. [speaking french] >> the lesson here is, take something boring and you make it bilingual, twice as boring. is that incredible? >> you have to listen to it twice. it sounded like he was talking about croissants. he was making me hungry. >> the only thing about speaking french is it makes everything sound frenchy. >> they may have had a congressional group from new orleans there. >> what is the point of the press conferences ? the only thing we have in common with canada and mexico is we have foreign born presidents.
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>> bill, taking it right back to what matters. very good. from the border to disorder. you know summer is almost here when a dead man is found in an occupy camp. in tallahassee, a city in florida. but it seems the complaining in general is wayneing. the whines are in decline and so is ows, rip. they say six months after the drum circle they need to find ways to grab attention or it is gone. protesters no longer haven camp meants and they have dwindled into something dwindly. the few demonstrations held have been pied delling like something that pied dels. it has received less attention even from their lovers. in november, ows commanded 14% of the news coverage and now it barely registered.
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a rep for the protesters say they are committed. telling the times "this is not a game. we are trying to save our civilization." you know what else isn't a game? this. >> that could be up in the top five of all animal videos we have done on this show. oh my goodness. >> maybe that's what the other cat was scared of. >> exactly. i am sensing a trend. by the way, none of these animals are actually hurt. i have no idea, but we are not sure. we would never run anything like that. ows, occupy wall street needs to find ways to get attention. one occupier mentioned flash mobs. i know you like flash mobs.
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>> i run them and subscribe to all of them. >> you co-ed ditted -- you co edit flash mob. >> a lot of people like to do random stuff in public. a lot have criminal backgrounds and registered sex offenders. >> flash takes on a different meaning. >> i need to work out because my body does president let me flash for people. >> those are more like flash moobs. >> they are a bunch of guys sighing as they take their shirts off. oh god i should really do push ups. >> that's disgusting. any suggestions? >> i say they take the drum circles and they go electric like dill -- dillon. >> you know what, they will have to get generators which they are not allowed in areas. >> they will have to find the music in their hearts to make
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this happen. >> that's beautiful. kevin, are we nearing the end of occupy or will it heat up with the weather? i assume they will be better organized, but when you are young you tend to lose uh techs techs -- attention span time. >> it is a meaning less movement with no agenda that will accomplish nothing. it is 1960s nostalgia. their most recent thing was vandalizing subways in new york, chaining open the doors. when you do minor vandalism in new york you entered the spoiled brat adolescent phase of your movement which is up a set from their infantile proving everything movement. maybe having a job and being an adult is next. >> i am glad there is less feces. maybe that would impress us. they were going to have a national spriek day in may, but the unions wouldn't go for it. they hoped americans would stop shopping for one day to support their cause. do you think this is -- >> first of all, i didn't realize the occupy movements were even still around.
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i think the american public for the most part as a whole, we are all about trying to figure out inequality as far as people making money and who makes what and all of that. we all get that. the rest of the people out there have to go to work every day and they need to stop occupying, littering and trying to block us from doing our jobs and making money for our families while you are doing nothing month after month after month. people are like, go get a job and go to work. we are sick of it. we realize what you are standing for, but we are sick of it. >> i hope they call a general strike. if all of these people refuse to show up for work, nobody would notice. >> half of the people don't even have jobs. i don't know. >> that free subway ride was sweet though. i am not gonna lie. that was a nice trip home. >> you jumped on that one. >> somebody opened the door for little old me? >> let's talk about occupy, theft, rape and now people are dying in tents and we didn't know it? oh joe passed away yesterday or the day before. it seems like there is not a
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lot of good stuff going on. >> if you are going to have an organized group try to control the death. that's the least you can do is make sure people are safe. i think it is over. bill, does this mean you are sleeping in the park? this is the biggest injustice of all. your sleeping in the park will no longer be political. >> it was never political. you don't read my blog. say what you will about occupy wall strait, but this goi -- this guy literally died for his cause. i don't have that commitment for relationships much less move ebbet meant. ask kevin williams. >> you don't even know his name. >> williamson. i refused to have a son with him. >> that what is a nice save there, bill schulz. >> we could have had a kid, but i didn't want to. i like to party. >> you do like to party. i think they should do nice things and plant gardens and -- >> clean sidewalks. we are not doing the next
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story? it is time for our new art auction. we have a special piece of art. it is awesome. it is an actual original created by the great graphic artist bosh foustin. this is an animation of breitbart. you you can go to boschfawscet .com. >> amazing it wasn't taken. >> now, if you want to win this piece of art, and i have it. it is beautiful. simply made a bid on it. e-mail us at red eye at fox the highest bid that wins will go to the trust fund recently announced by andrew breitbart's four children. the deadline to get your bid in will be monday. get on this. actually, yes, monday is next week. we made $5,000 last week from the last art installation i did myself. so let's do better. if you want to make a donation to andrew's kids, checks or
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money orders can be sent to the following address, breitbart's children trust, l.a., california, 90049. well, coming up, what is it like to chase down bison, kill them with your teeth and then feast on their raw flesh? leeann tweeden discusses her new book "how i hunt. deal with it." it is a book you read. first, what is the latest on the firing of keith olberman. i don't know, i will ask him when i get home.
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with the race in the bag he was treated to a gag. sunday was april fool's day
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and the romney campaign famous for shannanigans, and they pulled a prapg on the mr. himself. staffers lead the candidate into a room he thought was filled with supporters gathered for a pancake brunch. but instead it was filled with dead cats. no, actually that was my weekend. let's watch. >> mitt romney, the next president of the united states. [applause] >> april fools! >> you guys are really bad. >> i like that he explains it. all of those staffers involved were fired, and i think that is good. in other romney news, on "mad
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men" a tv show, they took a dig at mitt or rather his father george romney, once governor of michigan. henry francis, a waste of a character, who is involved in politics takes a call at home. >> do you want me to turn down the tv? >> henry francis? well tell jim he is not going to michigan. romney is a clown and i don't want him standing next to him. >> that's amazing realism. they called out to the show saying really, mocking my dead grandpa? let's discuss all of this in this -- >> lightning rooooouuuuuunnnnndd. lightning round. >> leeann, what do you -- there are two sides to this story here. which would you like to take? you can talk about them ripping him in "mad men" or
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the practical joke. it is up to you. >> i just say i live in hollywood, and it doesn't surprise me that a liberal show will push an agenda like that to say -- whatever. i don't put much weight on that for people who are voting and who look at what each candidate stands for. >> i was thinking about betty and how fat she was. she was fat because she is pregnant, right? she is pregnant in real life. >> i thought the script said she was bloated. i didn't see the show. >> kevin, are you a fan of practice tige -- practical jokes? you seem like the type of person who shoots someone in the face. >> generally. i like the guy who greets him is paul ryan. mitt romney and paul ryan alone in a room working on a budget is my idea of what good government looks like. i think this may be a good sign of things to come. >> that's a good point. i admire the way you look at that. dan, what would have been a
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better april fools joke? >> if they told him he wasn't getting the candidacy. he would be like, you are all fired. i hate this country. i wasn't even born here. we got you, mitt! >> that's where you are wrong. mitt romney losing his temper is like, oh shoot. and then you guys. >> it would have been great if they said, newt, they are a contested primary and it looks like newt and santorum are joining together. that would be great. and we are going with them. bill remember that practical joke i played on you last summer when i poisoned you and i left you for dead in the back of the car? >> that wasn't a joke. my hair just grew back. i am still wearing a wig because the actual hair is not that good. i think we should be horrified. a robot has been programed to laugh. what is next, guys? free will? don't think so.
12:25 am
>> the "mad men" thing it seems so obvious. it was like we are in the 1960s and let's make a cultural reference that somehow people go oh ya, romney, i know that. >> they don't realize it is their dad they are talking about. >> we don't watch "mad men" for politics. we watch it because they put women in their place. >> speak for yourself. i watch it for the former part. that's how i get all of my political advice. >> from the 60s. >> it would have been better to blend a jackass prank and he takes a corner and nails him to the chair. >> we have to take a break. do you have a comment? e-mail us at red eye at fox and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. his whole life is a prank. >> tonight's half time report
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is sponsored by muss stashes. mas statutes. the accumulation of hair on the upper lip or the side of one's mouth or cheek. thanks, mustaches.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to baron slot van toutenburg.
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>> you had to read that. >> it is a long name. it was sent by matt kimble. >> i figured that was matt. >> it was from the legion of honor. you kind of remember it. it was dark. >> once again, that was supposed to be part of the payment deal. >> you know who painted that? a man named droa -- drayonette. >> it is called role playing. >> i can fall asleep on your chest. >> that's generally what happens. >> mexican president calderon thinks america should be more like mexico. you said what makes him come from another country and lecture us on our health care system. maybe the president asked him to. >> that is correct. >> kevin, you mentioned one
12:31 am
out of 11 people born in mexico live in the u.s. i think it is okay because in return our justice department sends our guns to mexico. >> which is really thoughtful of them to send lots of weapons down there where they can be used to kill people including american law enforcement agents. why isn't eric holder in jail? >> that's above my pay grade, sir. >> we put him in a holder cell. >> i guess the good things about the guns going down there if anyone is shot under 18 they have free health care. >> dan, you said mexico lecturing us is like having a friend who is a drug addict lecture you about how messy your apartment is. it sounds like you were talking about something in real life. >> no, but if i were meth lets you keep your apartment clean. >> all right. >> put that out there. >> thought maybe it was a joe derosa reference. >> no, but close. >> by the way, the worst part of the press conference was
12:32 am
when president obama said, quote, ultimately i am confident the supreme court would not take an unprecedent extraordinary step of overturning a law that was a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. he is supposed to be a law expert, isn't he? >> it is one of the most bizarre things i have ever heard and then had to look up and understand. but the reversal of this law would amount to judicial activism. >> that's what he is saying. >> what is it would amount to is judicial review. that's what the court does. >> that's the case i always site. >> that's when you were an expert in "the good wife." >> you were thinking about when he played him at new york square garden. >> that is strawberry versus madison. that's a whole different case. >> trademark sign. >> dan, you want them to take
12:33 am
their circles and go electric like dill -- dillon. bad for the planet. >> it is, but so good for the ears. >> and also bad for the eardrums. >> you let him win. greg you said the movement wants americans not to shop on may 1st. i think that is a great way to help with the unemployment crisis. >> absolutely. >> leeann, you brought up the guy who died at occupy tallahassee. he has been identified as 39-year-old curtis t miller. they are waiting on an autopsy, but eght investigators say the death is believed to be from natural causes. >> at 39? >> it probably means he died in his sleep, and they don't really know. >> can you say natural causes and it could be brought on by drug use or something? >> again, they are waiting to are an autopsy. people say he was sick for a couple days. i don't know. >> he pulls a april fools on
12:34 am
his boss. >> he is known for shannanigans. i think you mean a gas. >> well that is an or doif tray. hour -- hor'dourve tray. >> you are thinking of bennigans. i wasn't expecting that reaction. >> appleby's is a poor man's bennigans. >> thank you. i was saying that for years. don't you cully the name bennigan by saying appleby's in the same sentence. >> how about tgi friday's? >> just jump off a cliff. >> no, tgi friday's is the grandfather. >> it is the grandfather that puts jack daniels on everything. >> and also that's the first bar tom cruise bar tended in in a little movie i like to
12:35 am
call " cocktail." >> and then there is the bar in queens that his uncle owns. that was the first one. bring in. >> i was referring to his first manhattan bar. >> in these types of restaurants, i would say that red robin is your troubled child. >> your red headed step child? >> red robin, yes, everything is -- >> i bussed there for five years. >> i know the systems. i know the corporate structure. there are no phone calls, leeann. anyone that ordered a blue burger there knows that -- well, i am ashamed. >> we will bleep out what she said. >> okay. >> i can go to sleep tonight. >> i will say this, you know
12:36 am
what raises the atmosphere of a shopping mall is a ruby tuesday's. >> absolutely. >> we are just naming all of the hits. >> they have to be in that really narrow -- what do you call that? >> frozen food that is reheated? >> the chili zone. >> you know what makes for a fun chain and also sounds like a great safety word. like you are tied up and you said red robin, red robin! appleby, appleby. >> wow fnlt. >> it is a safe word. how do you say it? you don't whisper it. >> i was just told we lost four sponsors. >> but we have gained a gimp. >>- q. i another one? -- >> another one? >> you work better under competition. >> if mitt romney can be fooled by his campaign staff, how will he not be fooled by putin? >> good wn, andy.
12:37 am
>> just waiting for an idiot to say that, and it was me. leeann, you said you don't put much on the mad man swipe. you know who put much weight on it? betty. >> oh, okay. by the way, is that a fat suit? >> i think the deal is, i'm not sure. i was actually reading about it because i was curious. some people think it was part natural from her pregnancy and post pregnancy and part a fat suit. and others say it was all natural. >> so it is referring to you. >> you so went there. >> it is the opposite of off right now. >> you haven't put on any weight. >> it is okay. i am going to have my doctor call you to explain everything. >> it is just a node. >> andy, i think you look amazing. >> thank you, leeann.
12:38 am
as do you. >> thank you. >> well, from this half of the camera, yes. >> he is like a hershey's kiss. some people are into that. >> i don't even know what that means. just lastly, i am with you on the "mad men" thing. who cares other than that it was so awkwardly gratuitous that it was jarring. >> it was jarring. there were a lot of jarring things about that show. >> hasn't been that good this season, has it? >> no. >> it is no "game of throwns." >> no. i like "game of throwns." >> that little guy is chain mailing it in. >> you are terrible. >> i can't believe you paid me $40 for that one. >> peter dinklige a true talent. i am taller than. >> it gives you hope. >> it does. i am done. kate middleton is dead -- tired of all of the ceremonies and fuss.
12:39 am
sometimes she just wants to go to the market in her sweatpants like a normal person. but first, is globo warming real? a fair and balanced interview with a guest who says it is utter poppycock. >> guests on "red eye" stay with greg's neighbor carl now offering a pull out couch, a futon and beanbag chair. >> he will watch you while you sleep.
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is global warming real or is it like my dream of creating a half man, half toaster sex slave? a fan fantasy driive -- driven by greed and ego. it is a topic talked about from time to time and even tackled by my next guest. we welcome back herald ambler, herald, good to see you. fun book. >> thank you. >> you believed in man made
12:43 am
global warming, right? for a longtime, and now you don't. what changed your mind? >> well, i studied the science more. i was a classic liberal lefty as you know. that was part of my belief system. i came upon a scientific article about a russian solar physicist, and that started me googling and googling and googling and reading books about climate science. i learned for instance now is not the warmest time ever. the warmest ever is the faff rest is the warm -- favorite is the warming east. it is in the new york times day after day, but it is the warmest time in the last 150 years which is a tiny period of record, tiny. looking back in the last three million years, it has been warmer than that repeatedly. it is on a level of big deal. >> here is the thing. we were talking about this in the green room. because we have a recession, almost a depression. we have all of these problems in the world. this used to be such a huge thing everybody was talking
12:44 am
about. people don't have time for it anymore, and it is no long area big issue whether it is real or not, right? >> normal people don't have time for it. but the epa doses. the u.n does. western civilization in my humble opinion is under assault from some extremists, even in the scientific quarters. it meafort -- it matters, but people have more bread and butter concerns and i understand that. >> it happened before there were were -- what do you call it? skeptics. when you questioned it you became a skeptic and then you were hated and ons trough sized and -- ons trough sized and in my case beaten. i asked for that. >> and no additional charge. it became paw lit tau sized i suppose because the climate scientists were so popular and received so much acclaim that
12:45 am
it was the corruption of the noble cause corruption. and they will let go of their power not easily and not gently. and yes they do launch an attack at who ever dares question them. god forbid. >> isn't there money involved too? i think normal people came into affect because all of a sudden you can get millions from different organizations and study climate change. >> i just had a letter in the wall street journal and they accused skeptics of being funded by big oil. it is the climate scientists themselves who receive massive contributions from the oil p cs. $100 million given to stanford in 2003. me? i have received that much. >> if you do that at bill's apartment it means something different. >> why should people -- we
12:46 am
always hear this. 99% of scientists agree or 90% of scientists agree about climate change. when i have you on "red eye" they say he is a kook. why believe you and not the 99%? >> the figure i have heard most often is specifically 97%. it was a study done by two academics at the university of illinois a couple years ago. and they sent a questionnaire to 10 thousands and some climate scientists. in the end they didn't get the hope they hoped -- the result they hoped to get and they widdled it down until they used a subset of 77 climate scientists and 75 of whom agree with the questioners. it yielded the 97% number. that was an american survey of american climate scientists. there are other scientists around the world in russia, china, who don't see things the same as hanson and michael
12:47 am
mann. even that number itself is suspect. it is bunk ssments. >> well, wasn't there a solar company that just wend under? they owed like $10 to c's 15 million? >> say what you will, but we have to great agree. it was a tour de force. >> that is the wrong michael man. is. >> how do you know this. >> this michael man did the miami advice. >> you know it is going to make a come back. what is the most surprising truth about climate change. i remember you telling me that co two was like no big deal. >> well, there is a fractional warming of the atmosphere through human contributions of carbon dioxide. we are talking about a .3, .4 degree celsius in the last 150 years. al gore and others sold this
12:48 am
notion of temperatures sky rock qeting on a graph, and that embrave only shows a degree celsius. if you look at this in kelvins, the first temperature looks like this. al gore can't write a cherry picker off that and that is a problem. >> bill likes kevins too, but they are basketball players he met on-line. harelds, unique speaker. you are a musician and have been in bands. you are a rowing freak. you have more hobbies than a book on hobbies. >> which instrument do you lay? -- which instrument do you play? >> don't sell your coat. it is available and doing well. time to take a break. when we come back we will talk about keith olberman. why not?
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on friday keith olberman was fired a year into his five-year $50 million contract and replaced by hooker booker elliott spitser. among them his flakey work
12:53 am
ethic and flakey hair. leeann, sad? happy? indifferent? answer the question. >> i am kind of indifferent. i think he is a jerk and he showed himself. if you can get fired by al gore and a leftist organization that you are the face of them, you have to be a real jerk. i just think he is toxic to himself, to his fans now and to companies he works for. i don't know what is left for him. starting his own company maybe? i don't know. >> dan, the host reports he went through eight different limo drivers. he complained that one tried to talk to him and another smelled. hearing that, do you kind of like him now? >> he was my fault. i asked if he wanted to take off a level and i should have done that. i'm sorry, keith. i'm sorry the lyndsay lohan of report everies. >> what should he do now? will anybody hire him? >> now that you are no longer at red robin.
12:54 am
>> this guy is too much of a jerk that works for nbc who keeps al sharpton on who is the inciter of riots. you have to be a jerk to get fired by something such as current tv which nobody has watched except al gore and his mom. i don't know where he goes from here. >> fudruckers, claim jumpers. >> i go in there and i just stair at it. i put on five pounds. just staring and i put on five pounds. and then when i stop staring i throw it up, bill. i throw it up. >> bill, the bottom line is no matter what he does, he will be unhappy and he should open a pet shop and be around animals that don't know his personality and will love him for who he is. >> the pets will not like him at all. when you think about it, the only person that is never -- that has never said a bad thing about him is dan patrick. >> he is an angel. >> i love dan patrick.
12:55 am
i have to think he has something on dan. dan has done something terrible and he has the goods on him. >> it is an interesting theory. i don't follow any sports. i just follow sports men in my suv while they aring jogging in the hills. be will close things out with the post game wrap up. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
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12:58 am
see you back here at 5:00 pentagon eastern time for "the five." coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" we have jetted do dye yaw bealely -- jedediah beale law and liz mcdonald. >> back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> kevin, do you have a new book? >> yes, it is called "the dependancy agenda" history on the welfare state and how they
12:59 am
can keep people voting for them. >> dan, upcoming gigs ? >> april 3rd at the comedy store, and then this friday on the upper west side. >> cool. leeann, tell me about your praise lets. >> i am wearing two of them. they are the air force bracelets. i hand make all of them. any of you guys in the military who realize what this is, they use it a lot in the military and i am making them by hand. you can get them on my website at store . leeann and i give back part of the money to the charity helping families in need. give me your wrist size. >> 17. >> is there a wrist size? >> what big wrists you have of the. >> because i hand make them i need to your your wrist size. >> with andy you need two wrist sizes. >> wow. i love you, andy.


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